Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY Boat Projects Magazine and web site

I thought I would bring this excellent magazine and web site to my readers attention. They have many useful boat projects for the DIYer and can be found here.
Looks like the DIY boat projects for this mag has turned into a Forum type of online help. You can still link back to it; but it is not the same as when I first came across it.
However, try this site for questions and answers. Done by the Sail magazine 


  1. I believe the magazine went belly-up a couple of years ago and the website was down when I last checked a couple of months ago. They owe me $25 for an unfilled subscription.

  2. Yes, they did go belly up, but I heard they were taken over by another company. I'll don't know if they continue to publish. The link above still works to what may be left of the old DIY mag. Thought it worth the link, for people's interest sake, to some excellent how to articles.

  3. Also to above; the website show's the last article to be published Dec 2011. It seems they are continuing to publish their DIY articles on line. If so, it could prove to be an excellent resource for peoples viewing.


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