Monday, June 10, 2013

Installing Port Visors

We have always wanted to have some rain protection over two port holes on our deck/saloon area. One was over the gallery; very important ventilation required while cooking. And one in our shower room; mainly to let the steam out, but not let the rain in.
Product as it arrives.
We ordered our port visors through Seaworthy Goods. Check them out.
We made sure we had the correct size and delivery was quick. The package includes the port visor with a red peel away sticky tape. A small scotch bright. And the instructions.
Installation was easy; about 3 minutes.
Scotch bright the area where visor is going to stick. Clean with alcohol. Pull off the protective red tape and apply. Press hard to ensure good contact.

Ready to start
The visors are made from lexan XL10 with UV resistance. Just wash with fresh water to clean.

Finished installation

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  1. It's all in the details. I'll bet those turn into one of those things that you wish you would have done years ago. Good idea.
    Smooth Sailing,


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