Sunday, November 3, 2013

Westerbeke 82B four Water Pump Replacement

Rust at bottom of water pump
I first noticed my water reservoir loosing water after some hours of motoring.
A quick check of the engine fresh water pump gave me the signs that a leak was coming from that pump. The first signs that one may notice is rust underneath the water pump, which is an indicator of water leaking past the seal, and if left for long, the bearing may fail which usually gives it's warning with noise. Time to replace the fresh water pump.
The first task is to remove the four belts; two for the fridge compressor and two for the alternator. Next remove the four bolts holding the four belt pulley on. A tap with a wooden block and hammer in a forward direction, should remove most pulleys off the water pump. With the pulley removed, you can now get at the pump bolts.
New water pump and gasket
The easiest part of the job was locating my new water pump which came with a new gasket.
Undo all the pumps bolts and carefully pry the pump away from the body.

Once removed, clean up the face of the water pump housing by removing all the old gasket.
Place the new gasket on and reverse the disassembly order. I used anti seize compound on all the bolts threads. Helps for the next time it has to be removed.
Finally, tension the belts and you should be good for another 3000 hrs or so with the water pump. Also, may be a good time to replace your belts if looking worn.

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