Monday, January 30, 2012

BallslideT Batten Systems Without Separate Track

What is different about this slide is that it will work on a bolt rope extrusion. Most ball bearing slides require a track added to the back of the mast. This batten end slide can be used by racing boats that have a bolt rope extrusion. The ball bearings should make the slide freer to move under load. Would work for full length top batten.

Ronstan International, Inc.'s Description
Performance - Free-running performance while raising and lowering the mainsail is provided by cars that run on twin races of recirculating ball bearings specifically designed and oriented for compression loads. Minimum distance from mast to mainsail luff enhances mainsail efficiency, and when used with Ronstan batten receptacles the luff is always on the centre line. Compatibility - The complete range of car profiles and adapters provides the right Ballslide™ solution for the most widely available mast profiles and luff groove shapes. Selection tables and luff groove gauges simplify specification.
Flexible Solutions - Individual cars can be used in conjunction with a bolt rope on “soft luff” sails which have only a top full-length batten, or simply as low friction sail slides on larger yachts.
Faster, Easier and Safer - Sailing professionals around the world choose Ronstan Batten Systems for superior and innovative features combined with race-proven performance and reliability.
  • With 5 track sizes available in the standard product range, there is a system with the right specifications for each boat and sail plan.
  • The range includes all elements for a complete system, including headboard plates and batten receptacles.
  • Easy track installation using patented slug connectors.
  • Minimum distance from mast to mainsail luff enhances mainsail efficiency.
  • Batten receptacle links and accessories are available to suit other commonly available batten receptacles.

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