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Tank Fluid Measurement by Gobius

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Finally a product that requires no holes to be drilled into a tank for level monitoring. This is sure to be on my "to get list" .Gobius web site link is here. More info, and purchase can be found here at AB Marine. Read on........

Gobius measures from the outside - Nothing on the inside!

Gobius is available for waste holding tanks ... water, diesel & gasoline tanks ... industrial fluid tanks ... in stainless steel, steel, plastic, fibre-glass and aluminum
Using a totally new patented technical solution we have developed level indicators for all tanks. Gobius has been developed to meet the demand from those boat owners who want more information, those who not only want to know when the tank is full, but aso when empty.

Gobius measures from the outside

* Very quick to install and easy to use
* Coloured lamps show the current fluid level
* You avoid the struggle with taking the tank apart
* No extra drilling of hole
* No need for extra service
* Extremely low electricity consumption, less than 40 mA

* Good for everybody: boat owners and environment

With Gobius you will gain

* Knowledge of when the tank is empty so that you do not have to empty it
* Knowledge of when the tank is full and needs to be emptied
* Increased comfort and safety on board
* Everyone knows whether to use the toilet or not
* You can use the toilet when in the harbour

The Gobius technology is patented
The sensors that are placed onto the tank wall consist of a shaker and an accelerator. When the shaker creates a vibration in the tankwall, the accelerator measures the size of the vibration and passes the data on to the control unit. The control unit then starts
to calculate in order to give an exact estimate of whether the fluid
level has passed the sensor or not.

Gobius is easy to install
On the sensors there are strips of tape that are provided to attach the sensors directly onto the surface of your tank. The panel may, for example, be placed in the washroom.
The control unit is connected to the boat battery. All necessary cables and plugs needed to connect the sensors and panel with the control unit are included.

Very easy to calibrate
No tanks look the same. There are always differences in e.g. size, construction, thickness and age. In order to compensate for these differences you have to calibrate the tank before you start to use your Gobius. However, the calibration only takes a few seconds, all you need to do is to press a button while the tank is empty.

Gobius measures perfect even if there are covers (like uric salts) on the inside of the tank wall.

Extremely low electricity consumption, less than 40 mA
Gobius is constructed to minimise electricity consumption and is extremely efficient. Gobius sends power to its sensors in impulses instead of a continuous supply, thus saving your craft’s battery, 12 Volts.

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