Friday, July 6, 2012

LED refit

We wrote about a LED light upgrade and can be read here We continue to upgrade our lights with the same LED strips but if your contemplating doing this type of project, we recommend an excellent article that svOcelot has on LED lighting. They start by saying "Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are rapidly becoming the preferred way to illuminate your boat.  They're much more energy efficient than incandescent lighting, they last much longer, and they are now available in a range of eye‑pleasing colors, like warm‑white.  They're even bright enough now for foredeck lighting.  Several manufacturers are producing replacement bulbs, so switching over from incandescent lighting is easy....." 
Before you refit with LED's, hop over to their blog site and get some information which will help you make some proper choices. Pro's and Con's; how they work; etc.

Refit Under Way

Do you like to follow big refit projects? Hop over to sv Ocelot's blog site where they are up to week #31 on a refit to their boat. All previous weekly entries can be found at the bottom of their linked page. Their project makes for interesting reading and has lots of supporting photo's. Fixing your boat in exotic locations is what it's all about.