Monday, November 19, 2012

Spar Hitch

The Spar Hitch is the second knot I teach my guests when they come and stay on the boat. Of course, the first knot everyone learns is the bowline. The Spar Hitch also goes by other names and among them is the Ground Line Hitch. Check out also the Millers Hitch and the Constrictor Knot. They all do the same job really. And I only teach a clove hitch in passing now. I think the Spar Hitch is just as easy and more secure.

The knot starts out like a clove hitch. One turn around the spar and over the standing end and back over the spar. You can do this either to the left or the right.

Take the bitter end and pass under the spar and over the first completed turn. (A clove hitch here would go under that first completed turn.)
Then take the bitter end and pass it under the start of the first turn.

Finally take both the standing end and bitter end and snug the knot tight. The knot can be made for quick release by placing a loop in the bitter end before placing under the start of the standing end.
I use this for securing items to railing or life lines. Even fenders secured this way on small life lines will not slip. Quick, easy and secure.

Finally, below are some variations of this hitch.