Monday, April 13, 2015

Cellphone Boosting

Cradle type booster by weBoost
Cell phones are becoming an essential tool not just for coastal cruisers wanting to keep in touch, but more and more people are using their phones  as data wifi hotspots for their computers and instruments. We used our ipad extensively for navigating ( along with our charts) using google earth, in the Maldives. We were able to do this because they had excellent cell coverage over the whole archipelago.  It made choosing an anchorage easier, as we were able to see what reefs were around and could even see "bomies" (Coral Heads). It gave me more confidence, in navigating around these, than the charts. The charts do show isolated rocks at times, but google earth seemed more accurate.
Anyway, cell coverage is now more important to us, and with that goes the need to get cell coverage in more remote areas. Often in these remote areas, coverage is poor, but that can be improved with a cell phone booster.
Some of you may be interested in taking a look at these devices, made by weBoost, formally Wislson Electronics. Here is a promotional video put out by them. Jump over to their website and take a look.