Monday, December 5, 2011

Stove Top Plates, Force Ten Stove

And so it goes that not everything one does on a boat always works out the way you would like them to. You may browse an older post where I took our stove top plates that had seen some years of use and started showing signs of rust as the paint wore/burnt off, were refurbished with a coat of high temperature paint. This lasted all of about three months, before the new paint also was "decayed" and rust started to reappear. I could have continuously repainted them, but instead opted for this solution. Hopefully this will work for a longer period of time.

I took the stove tops and took all the paint off with an angle grinder (carefully), and then worked the surfaces back with finer sandpaper, to finally using a scotch brite wheel and then polishing the steel. These were then sent off to be chromed. The underside was just cleaned from the old paint and not finished as well as the top surfaces. You can see the under side of one at the top of the photo.
I know the chrome will discolor with the heat, but should not burn off. Hopefully these will keep rust free and my wife will find cleaning the stove a little easier.
Cost $20 and a little of my time in the workshop. I'll give a report after the next cruising season as to it's effectiveness.

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