Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strike Release Rudder

A very interesting rudder stock which is what I have been thinking of for the day I build my Trimaran. Maneuvering a shoal draft vessel needs this kind of device when maneuvering in dirty water or areas with coral heads and reefs, such as in the islands; and where charting is poor or suspect. Take a look.....

The new Sea Sure Strike Release catamaran rudder stock is the result of a back-to-basics, fundamental design review carried out by leading sailors and engineers. The key design criteria were that the new stock should be: Lighter, Stronger, Stiffer, work better and be more reliable than any existing catamaran stocks on the market.
The new stock meets all of these criteria whilst looking fantastic.

  1. Dual action strike release with no moving parts
  2. Off centre pivots, calculated using Ackerman theory
  3. Lightweight triple formed Aluminium body for strength and stiffness
  4. Latest computer modelling techniques used throughout design process

Manufacturers web site is here

And here is another video for you interest, on the same principle of strike release

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  1. Basically a Stiletto 27/30 rudder. A well proven design you should like. I had one for 15 years. I modified mine such that the rake was adjustable.

    You should be able to buy this from Stiletto in Florida, about the correct size.


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