Friday, April 6, 2012

One Stop Shop

Here's a web site that seems to sell almost anything. They claim over 490,000 products. Great stuff for your boat project and that hard to find piece of hardware. Take a look here


  1. Every plant maintenance man and design engineer knows McMaster / Carr. Without them, perhaps 1/2 our factories would shut down; at least it seems that way.

    And surprisingly, nearly every item ships next-day. I go years between backorders, even when ordering the most unusual stuff.

    Don't see what you need? Ask. Want a bulk discount? Ask. Need drawings of the item? Ask.

  2. Thanks for your endorsement Drew. Coming mostly (I've spent time in various locations) from down under, I knew nothing of this company until someone emailed it to me. I hope others around the world may find their search for that hard to find item there. It's certainly a good place to start. I'm still trying to find a SS clamp (nice looking) for a 2" pipe, to attach a cable to. I couldn't find it at McMaster. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong section.


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