Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Good Life; Can You Help?

Some of you may know there has been a drop off in my blogs recently. This has been due to my wife and I  currently cruising on the boat, and most projects for this boat are done for the year.
I'm asking for some help here. Some of you out there who visit my site may have a project of your own that you have written up, and would allow me to publish it on my blog site.
Just drop me an email to the address in my header with either a link to your project, or you may send the article through with the email. Full acknowledgment of the writer will be given.
Enjoy your cruising; and if stuck doing projects, I hope you will have the time to write it up and send me a link.
We also blog about innovative boating products. Do you know of a new one just released? Have you purchased a new product recently that has changed the way you do your boating? We look forward to hearing about these as well.

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