Sunday, December 30, 2012

HotSpot using an iPad

While gathering up (purchasing the required items) for my ipad, to add to the boat,  I came across this piece of information from Latitude 38 Magazine. (They have an on line version as well as a PDF version of their published magazine.)
It is a story about using your iPad as a hotspot for up to five other devices. Hop over to their story and get the full text.  I haven't purchased my iPad yet and was unaware of this feature. But I certainly hope to use it.

Any way, Latitude 38 goes on to  state, "Just go to the main TelCel office, replace your U.S. SIM card with a Mexican SIM card, and your iPad becomes a 'hot spot' — meaning that up to five other nearby devices can wirelessly use it for internet access also."

Of course this all depends on whether your carrier supports it. For instance, in the USA,  Verizon includes the hot-spot feature with the iPad data plans, while AT&T doesn't support it.

This has distinct advantages for us, because we carry a PC, a Mac, and soon to be added, an iPad. We use to use a cell phone modem that could connect up to five devices also. I liked it a lot because we never had to plug it into a computer to get a connection. We had two, from two different carriers because of the different reception coverage areas.

But I was also thinking about the iMux I bought. It can only connect one device at a time. And so I was wondering if I can connect with the iPad to the iMux when underway, and  stream the data to other devices, such as my PC which also has charting software?? I will write a blog later in 2013 about how I set up my iMux, iPad, and iNavX. Till then, those with an iPad can follow these instructions for setup.

Follow this link to get the low down of how to set up your Hotspot 
or follow this
                                               Tap Settings > General > Cellular Data:

Tap Personal Hotspot and turn it on:

After configuring Personal Hotspot, you can directly access the settings from Settings > Personal Hotspot.

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