Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homemade Teak Cockpit Table

Mark Corke has once again turned out a great boat project;  a beautiful looking cockpit table.

I've tried a cockpit table in my cockpit, and ended up using hinges and support legs. I eventually removed it. Mark has a unique way of doing this and the pictures on his blog site say it all. Hop on over to his blog site to check the whole project out

He says this about the table.
 " I think that the pictures are fairly self explanatory but what I like about this table / cup holder is it's simplicity; no fancy hardware and nothing to break. As you will see it is all made from teak and teak plywood and consists of a drinks holder securely clamped to the crash bar ahead of the compass binnacle. When out cruising this offers a great place to hold mugs and cans without fear of spillage and yet within easy reach of the helmsman and crew in the cockpit. But what really sets it apart is when you get into port and you need to set up the table for alfresco dining. The table is simply lifted off it's stainless hooks and pulled away from it's clips keeping it neatly in position and slid into the horizontal, no metalwork, flaps, hinges or other impediments to adjust or break off for that matter. "

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