Sunday, March 30, 2014

Raw Water Pump Mounting Modification

Copper spacer in place ready for mounting
A while ago I replaced my raw water pump for my Westerbeke engine and discovered that the replacement pump had a flat foot for mounting that would not fit in the machined groove of it's mounting bracket. ( machined groove can be seen in last photo). The original pump had been machined to allow for this, but the replacement had not.

Temporary solution

What to do? A quick solution was to place two large flat washers on which would allow the pump to sit flat and square, as well as, being able to slide in and out as I adjust the belt for tension.
The washers were the ideal size, but a better solution was available with a little cooper stock.

Pump mounted
I could of had the pump sent out for machining so that the foot would fit the recessed groove, but instead I had a large flat copper bar made to the dimensions to fit the groove and two holes placed for the holding bolts. This can be seen in place on the photo to the left and placed over the bolts ready for mounting in the top photo.
This means now, that any Sherwood pump I buy to replace, now no longer needs machining to fit the mounting bracket.

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