Monday, April 25, 2011

Cover the ugly Electric Winch

 We had a new electric winch installed as we moved to a roller furling boom. The electric winch was the same size as the old two speed, but the electrics protruded through the aft bedroom ceiling. Also, we had a ceiling light at the same location as to where the electric motor protruded through. My only choice was to make an enclosure for the electric motor and I took the time to also add a new low profile light to the cover box.
The cover box was made from Rimu, and while not matching the Cherry wood interior was close. We will have a Cherry wood one made when we can easily source the wood. You will note the angle at one of the corners on the cover box. This was placed on the cover to allow the door to the head, to swing from it's usual locked open position to the closed position. You can just see the opening door surround, to the left of the cover box. The light was placed and some strips of wood secured to the ceiling to give the cover something to screw to. For my wife and I, it is not a head banger and is no lower than the tops of the door openings. The Electric winch is a joy!

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