Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water Anyone?

We have a commercial water maker onboard Solace, from Spectra, and are very happy with it. But for those who like to build and keep cost down, there is an excellent site detailing building your own at
Here is a sample with links...

Dido's Watermaker - Build your own!

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Dido's Watermaker
Fresh Water Production
Build your own!
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How to actually build your own watermaker?

In the internet you will find instructions that cover everything for about 10 USD. To my estimation you can save this money. I have put a comprehensive instruction on the link list for download, and much other material, too.  The biggest challenge will certainly be to get all the parts for reasonable prices. This will certainly cost you hours of research in the internet. I only have European suppliers on my list apart from membrane and vessel, which I ordered in the US, as this was much cheaper although shipping and customs had to be added. But this research will save you hundreds of USD.

High Pressure Vessel for Membrane

Here are the most interesting resources that I found when searching the net for our watermaker. (Should links be broken or sites be down, let me know. I have them all as PDFs also.)

Below is a parts list of all the parts that I needed plus prices and where I bought them (this is a German list, as I bought everything in Germany - apart from membrane and vessel).
Some elbows, hose clamps and so on may be still necessary, according to the details of your actual installation.
The item numbers in the parts list refer to the parts on the WM Scheme.pdf

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