Sunday, January 1, 2012

WiFi onboard with an iMux

iMarine Apps  gives a good account of the Brookhouse iMux. I just might get one of these for the iPad  which is sure to come one day. Read on...

Brookhouse iMux

What the heck is an iMux? Well, glad you asked. Mux is short for multiplexer and the i wirelessly connects your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch providing data from all your ships electronics and navigation hardware.  This is truly a geeky item folks.

Brookhouse is run by a bunch of Kiwis from New Zealand. They have been around since 2002 providing solutions for integrating marine electronics on commercial and recreational yachts.  A multiplexer combines many sources of NMEA 0183 data and creates a single stream of data that can be used  by computers, chart plotters and other navigation devices.  It takes data from any NMEA 0183 source such as, depth sounder, speed sensor, wind direction indicator, wind speed indicator, radar, weather station, GPS or fluxgate compass.  I can them provide the data to any number of computers, laptops, smart phones, or tablet for use with navigation programs.

  • 4 opto-isolated “NMEA Listener” (Input) ports, 3 at 4800 bps, 1 at 38400 bps for AIS.
  • 1  RS232 output port  for connection to a chart plotter or computer
  • 1 RS232 input port
    (baudrate conversion input).
  • 1 Output RS422 port (differential NMEA talker port) 4800bps
    (baudrate conversion output)
  • Baudrate conversion 38400bps-4800bps.
  • Indicators: red LED for power, green LED for data-transmission.
  • Supply Voltage: DC 9-35 Volts.
  • Reversed polarity protection.
  • Physical size: 110x65x37mm (hxwxd)
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Mounting: bulkhead mounting with screws.
  • NMEA management and control:
    • NMEA Sentence Filtering
    • NMEA Sentence editing “on the fly” for NMEA protocol conversion.
    • Automatic port switching.
This device is unique in that it does not require a computer to operate.  So you can leave your laptop at home and wirelessly receive all your ships data on your iPad.  The unit works great with the iNavx application and the Brookhouse website has alot of information on how to integrate an iMux into your ships systems and work with you iPad. iNavx is a great navigation and charting program which can be used on the iPad or iPhone.

Brookhouse has other multiplexers with USB and Bluetooth capabilities. Check out their website for the one that fits your needs. They do have a iMux-ST version which allows integration of SeaTalk data from your Raymarine instruments.

You can order your very own iMux for $299.00.

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