Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Autocleat" Release of Dock Lines

Imagine being able to release your boats mooring lines at the press of a button. No more turning your guests into crew, complete control at the push of a button. Below is Autocleat's blurb........

The AUTOCLEAT will release any line configuration, loop, figure 8, slip knot, anything with ease.

 The AUTOCLEAT is the only mooring cleat that allows you to release your mooring lines, regardless of how the line is secured to the cleat and also retracts flush into deck. International patent pending.

Smart boat design means clever utilisation of every space and surface available. The AUTOCLEAT provides a strong, secure mooring point while berthed, then at the push of a button, retracts flush to the deck when not requied.  Your valuable surfaces become safe and unclutterd. No more stubbed toes, snagged fishing lines or halyards.

Simple and Strong installation 
The AUTOCLEAT has been designed to enable simple installation for the marine fitter or home handyman. Installation takes just a few minutes with some simple tools.  Only two low amperage wires are needed to power up the AUTOCLEAT. 

The little extras
Due to the unique design of the crossing ‘horns’ the AUTOCLEAT secures the mooring line above the deck not on the deck and thus reducing line wear on the boat! The AUTOCLEAT comes standard with a Power Failure Override (PFO) button located in the deck plate. This allows the unit to be operated in the event of boat electrical power failure.

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