Monday, March 5, 2012

Chetco Digital Instruments for Ethernet/Wifi, NMEA2000, Gateway

Pop over to Chetco and have a look at their product range. I've only included a small fraction of what their stuff can do. Intergration of NMEA2000 and 0183 data and streamed wirelessly to your iThing. And a range of after market sensors. Here is a little of what they say and have available. Do go to their web site to get a bigger picture.

{ capture all of your engine data and control your switches }

SeaGauge™ Remote Sensor Interface Units (analog-to-digital converter box): Convert any engine data not provided by your standard ECM (engine control module) to digital NMEA 2000 and/or NMEA 0183 compatible network data.  View and control your data from any SeaGauge touch screen display unit, PC/Laptop, NMEA 2000 displays such as Garmin, Lowrance and Raymarine and iPad, iPhone, Tablet PC’s and a wide range of Smartphones {more}.
SeaSwitch™ Remote Switch Units: Our Remote Switch Units allow touch screen activation of a variety of equipment including NAV Lights, Bilge Pumps, Blowers, Running Light, Spots Lights, Cabin Lights, and much more.  Switch Units provide reliable switching operation via any of the SeaGauge color touch panels or an attached PC/Laptop {more}.

{ view your live engine data in real-time, from any device }

SeaSmart.NET™ Wireless Modules: Our SeaSmart.NET modules allow all digital and analog data streaming through the NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 serial network to be sent to the onboard computer and routed over a local wireless internet server, or built in local intranet, where it can be accessed by multiple, authorized users, through any browser for real-time data display (with no additional apps needed).  All data can be accessed locally (anywhere on the vessel with no outside connection to the internet needed) and/or remotely (for data sharing and logging data via the World Wide Web) from device, such as any smart phone, iPad, or laptop computer {more}.

{ manage from a single, ultra-bright, all weather LCD touch display }

SeaGauge™ All Weather Touch Screen DisplaysDisplay and control your data with one of our high quality display units or with any existing NMEA 2000™ displays (such as Garmin, Lowrance and Raymarine). The user can view multiple instances of 16 function gauge clusters while controlling all of their switches, all from a single, ultra-bright, weather resistant, touch screen display unit {more}.

{ do it all, and much more }

The SeaPC™: A fanless and solid state PC computer with built in NMEA 2000™ and serial/USB adapters, and a 12V output in order to power your display using the PC.  The SeaPC is optimized to run all of your gauges, switches, and engine log, while controlling your entire music and media center and browsing the Web, all from a single touch screen display.  The SeaPC also allows the user to set-up a wireless network and view all of their digital NMEA 2000 data from multiple devices on the vessel, such as any smart phone, iPad, or laptop computer (without additional licensing fees or third party applications) {more}.

{ additional: Senders and Adapters }

Senders:  We support a wide range of senders which measure every engine output from temperature to fuel flow using unique calibration tables that make it possible to match any desired range and unit of measure.  Each unit is capable of measuring voltage, resistance, and pulses dependent on chosen sender type. Multiple pulse inputs allow a single gauge to be used for tachometer, speed, and fuel flow - all in one unit. Dual engine tachometers are standard on SeaGauge Sensor Interface Units.  Senders are available in many different thread sizes and termination styles.
Adapters:  Our adapters provided a range of networking options for all SeaGauge products.  Most units have built-in Serial (RS232) and USB interfaces for direct connection to host PC/Laptops to allow configuration and display of instrumentation data, but our adapters allow for Bluetooth, WiFi or Ethernet options for all of your NMEA 0183, Serial or NMEA 2000 data.

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